Modular Robotics Cubelets Discovery Set

$139.95 (as of August 21, 2020, 4:45 pm)


Trusted, Inspired, Educational & Fun Cubelets Discovery Set 3156586 The World’s First Robot Blocks Just Got Smarter Make, create and reinvent your own robot constructions! A unique blend of hardware and software, Cubelets make it easier than ever to explore robotics and coding. Simply snap Cubelets’ magnetic faces together to start building. Pair with the free companion app to remote control or change the way these 5 Cubelets behave with Personality Swap! Battery recharges via micro-USB (both included). Introducing the Bluetooth® Hat. The Bluetooth® Hat pairs robot constructions with wireless devices. Cap your creations with the Bluetooth® hat to add new abilities using the free Cubelets app. Set includes 1 brightness cubelet, 1 flashlight cubelet, 1 drive cubelet, 1 distance cubelet, 1 battery cubelet and 1 Bluetooth® hat. Also included are 2 brick adapters for brick-based constructions and 1 micro-USB cable for charging your Battery. Cubelets are the building blocks of better thinkers.

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