Seabird 4K WiFi Sports & Action Video Cameras with Waterproof Housing Case Blue

$119.00 (as of May 8, 2020, 9:10 pm)


Note: This is Xiaomi ecological chain products. Welcome to order. SEABRD Seabird 4K action cameraLook at me 4K/30 frame video recording / compact portable / APP operation4K/30 frames to grab every frameThere are so many wonderful moments in life that are worth sharing. Seabird motion camera, true 4K video recording, four times the 1080P quality, the picture is extremely delicate, not letting every frame be wonderfulHigh specification lens Clear picture7 glass high-definition optical glass blue glass light lens, perfect for stray light; 12 million pixel Sony sensor, the picture quality is more delicate; 145 ° wide-angle view, fit the human eye; F2.6 large aperture, the field of vision is more open.Professional camera chip Strong core powerHi3559 chip is a new generation of Mobilecamtm intelligent video processor launched by Huawei HiSilicon for professional cameras, high-end drones, extreme sports DV, 3D/VR cameras and other products. Powerful core for superior performance.,Action Camera,Sport Camera,4K Camera,30fps,xiaomi action camrea,waterproof,outdoorTwo sets of image processing algorithms Low light picture, clear light, full colorCarefully adjusted by the professional image laboratory, using two sets of unique image processing algorithms, low light and noise, light and high fidelity, how to shoot clearly.Intelligent electronic image stabilizationSupport all 30 frames / 60 frames of anti-shake, so that the picture is more stable and smooth.Intelligent algorithm to correct distortionProfessional distortion correction algorithm, wide-angle shooting without distortion.Multiple shooting modes The same diverse perspective of the worldEight shooting modes, such as time-lapse photography and slow-motion photography, dozens of custom parameters. Record the sunrise and sunset in seconds with a single touch with a single touch, and keep every frame with slow motion photography.,kamera,sport cam ,Seabird 4K Sport CameraTime-lapse shooting modeAfter a second, I saw the flowers and flowers, and the sunrise and sunset.Slow motion shooting modeLet the world slow down and every change is complete.Continuous shooting modeRecord each frame separately and pick the most exciting moments.Durable life 4K video shooting for 90 minutesUltra-large capacity lithium battery and heat dissipation structure, 4K/30 frame video shooting lasts for 90 minutes, giving you a more durable and smooth HD shooting experience.Smart APP high speed WIFI connection One-click transmission preview within 10 metersCustomized SEABRD APP, high-speed WIFI connection phone and camera, one-button operation, ready to shoot, high-speed transmission, 720P HD preview.

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