2007-2011 Toyota Camry | Reconditioned Hybrid Battery – Locally Installed in DFW

$1,550.00 (as of June 14, 2020, 8:54 pm)


Reconditioned hybrid battery for 2007-2011 Toyota Camry with 18 MONTH WARRANTY & FREE INSTALLATION. $1600 with core exchange. At DFW Hybrid Battery, we take pride in excellent customer service. We are committed to offering continued customer satisfaction. We have the longest warranty in the business because we know we are providing superior reconditioned hybrid batteries that will keep your car on the road. This isn’t cell swapping. A great battery starts with a meticulous restoration process – ours is the very best in the business. Each individual cell in a hybrid battery from DHB is rigorously tested to give an accurate picture of the overall condition/performance of each one. ​Only the best cells that meet our predetermined thresholds are matched and installed into battery packs. The batteries are restored, upgraded with nickel-plated bus bars, ready to get your MPG back where it used to be. Nickel Plating the bus bars creates good surface contact, minimizes oxidation, and maintains low resistivity. It’s just another example how every part of your DHB Hybrid Battery is operating at its full potential. Our products speak for themselves but while we’re onsite you will really be impressed by our service. We will run complete diagnostics on your vehicle and test the reconditioned pack in real time. We can provide before/after reports so you can actually see the quality of the service we provide. If any codes show up that are not related to the hybrid battery we can include that information in your report as well, for your convenience. ​ DHB’s foremost goal is to provide you with outstanding service. ​​We believe that we can only achieve greatness with a reliable battery installed at a competitive price by friendly professionals. DFWhybrid.com

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