Resurge Sports Anti Fog Racing Swimming Goggles with Quick Adjust Bungee Strap

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Bungee Strap

No more broken straps! Our goggles come with top quality bungee straps that will never break

Adjust in seconds! Simply press the toggle to release the cord lock and adjust your goggles even when they are still on your head.

A more secure and Comfortable Fit. Our Bungee straps provide a more secure and comfortable fit, never again will your goggles come off while diving or doing turns!


No more Fog! Tired of constantly trying to find ways to keep your goggles fog free? Resurge goggles come with the best Anti-Fog solution available.

Don’t touch it! Do not touch or rub the inside of your goggles, this will ruin the Anti-fogs ability to prevent fog, as well as blur your vision.

Free Carrying Case

Keep it Safe! Store your goggles in the supplied case to prevent dirt or other contaminants from collecting inside the lenses of the goggles.

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