Thank You Very Much

Thank you for your donation, while A2Z Store Ltd is not a non-profit organisation it is still to actually make a profit.

Form something that started at home as a learning hobby, it is now growing into a full time project.
With ongoing costs for things like Websites and APPs, Trademarks and Financial Advice things are starting to really add up.

My dream is to spend more time learning about affiliate marketing and all the wonderful products available all around the world, to improve my websites and mobile applications, to grow my weekend hobby into a fully self-funded business.

It has been a pleasure learning what I have so far, building up the Websites as much as I have, launching my first APPs and spending time adding as many wonderful products as I can.

You donation helps me continue to develop my Websites to be the “Best Affiliate Shop Ever”.

Kind Regards
M McRoberts – Owner of A2Z Store Ltd

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